About us

We have united the largest and advanced shirting fabric mills high quality with our original, contemporary, creative collection. We are organising the production of the 100% cotton, 100% linen, cotton / XLA, cotton / elastane, cotton / linen compositions a lot like the weavings poplin, twill, dobby, jacquard, herringbone, oxford, satin and printed with high quality long fiber cotton between 40/1ne and 200/2ne.

The finishing proccesses which we are applying to our mentioned constructions and compositions are carrying our existing high quality to further points. We are able to apply several kinds of finishings such as our classical finish "Soft", which is literally changing the DNA or the fiber and giving endless extra softness and shinny look "Liquid Ammonia", which is making the fabric extra soft "Silky Finish" and also Non-iron (L/A+Moistcure), "Diamond Peach", "Super Soft", "Calender".

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